Almissa Blu Boat

Almissa Boat
February 3, 2016




Almissa Blu is 22 meters long and 6.5 meters wide ship with capacity for 32 people. It is traditional wooden boat with modern interior. This „trabakul“ (type of the ship that used to sail over Adriatic in history) was used for transport of many materials & goods when she was built in 1952. It was one of the first pionieers of nautical tourism in Adriatic (under the name Vrgada).

This ship went under full exterior reconstruction 10 years ago & interior reconstruction in 2014. It’s capacity for 32 passengers makes her an ideal boat for those who want create lively atmosphere on their vacation full of laughter, experiences and stories. It’s mostly young, but experienced crew makes a great addition to that kind of atmosphere. There are usually 5 crew members on board – captain, two sailors, chef & waiter.

Information about the boat:

– Saloon that can fit 32 people

– 16 bunk bed cabins with washbasin (6 on the upper deck & 10 on the lower deck)

– 2 common showers on the main deck

– 2 common toilets on the main deck

– 2 common showers on the upper deck

– 2 common toilets on the upper deck

– Air-conditioning in lower deck area (common air conditioner in a hallway)

– Fully equipped bar

– Professional kitchen

– Sundeck for sunbathing on the upper deck

– Open air lounge on the frontal part of the boat