All set – it’s time for Mljet

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February 2, 2015




Do you know that restless feeling, when your feet start to get really itchy and you just want to leave everything behind, pack your stuff and explore what life is like outside your comfy daily routine? Yeah, we too. Thankfully, we also happen to know a cure. All you need to do is: grab your backpack and you sense of adventure, pick one of Almissa’s cruising tours and hop on our boat! First stop on your fabulous vacation in Croatia: Mljet.


Look really really south on Croatia’s map and there it will be: Mljet, one of Dalmatia’s biggest, greenest and most mesmerising islands. No island hopping is complete without it, so if you take your wanderlust seriously, Mljet should be high up on your travel bucket list.




Legend has it that the ancient Greek god Odysseus was on one of his long sea wanderings when he got shipwrecked on a deserted island ruled by the nymph Calypso. The island in question is, you guessed it, Mljet. Captivated by the place’s unique beauty, the greek god allegedly stayed here for seven years and lived in a cave, nowadays a famous landmark: the Odysseus Cave. Get to it around noon and you will witness a natural phenomenon during which the sunlight creates a unique spectrum of colours on the sea surface. Talk about a photo opportunity!

If you are into adrenaline-packed activities, Mljet makes a perfect spot for an adventure route. It is of volcanic origin and its ample greenery will provide plenty of shade during your hiking or cycling tour on a hot summer day. Plus, the north-west part of the island is a national park featuring two salt lakes that are perfect for kayaking. Everyone, got your paddles ready?




If, however, your idea of a perfect holiday in Croatia is something more laid-back and slow-paced, Mljet has plenty to offer in that department too. Rural and still, it is brimming with breathtaking, pristine sandy beaches – Saplunara being the most famous one. And same as the entire island, it is begging you to explore it.


P.S. Just like Odysseus, it is possible you may be tempted to spend a couple of years here. We’ve warned you.